North-South Fusion

Fulki is known for amazing fusion between North Indian and South Indian Design.

Is there something called North-South Fusion? We have heard of Fusion in food but is there something called fusion in Fashion? Well, we have all heard of Indo-western, haven’t we? Indo-Western wear such as long gowns that adapt the the western gown style but use Indian colors have been in-vogue for sometime now.

Monali at Fulki has gone where a few brave designers are going. Monali is from the North grew up in the South. She did her schooling and has made Bangalore her home since childhood. This has helped her get a keen sense of South and North Indian fashion. For instance, the Southerners love silk and ornate looks whereas at the Northerners love their georgettes, chiffons etc. but also prefer colors that are quite different from the South. Monali has blended these two seamlessly. At Fulki, you will find many of her creations that sport these concepts. You are likely to find an Indo-Western Gown made of silk and chiffon. You will find half-sarees that blend georgettes and silk effortlessly and sport such unique cuts that you will immediately want to own them. Come to Fulki and see our specialty dresses and designs. Pick one for yourself or let us make one for you.

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